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In this competitive world of business, our premium search engine optimization services are the key to taking your website to the top. Search engine optimization, or SEO as it is commonly called, is a system of labeling each page of your website with relevant keywords. With good SEO, when your visitors type in relevant keyword phrases into a search engine your website will come up closest to the top.

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What Sets Us Apart?

With so many SEO companies out there, what sets us above the rest? At Realm, we have the advantage of having a professional writer on staff, who also happens to be an SEO expert. What does this mean for your website? Because implementing proper keyword phrases into your website copy is part of the SEO success formula, it is crucial that a professional writer write the copy.  We have seen a lot of websites with decent SEO, but the SEO consultant that they have hired is not a professional writer. This can leave you with a lot of relevant keywords and keyword phrases that simply seem to be interjected into the copy. Often times, the copy on websites such as these, will read poorly and be very confusing. This is a big turn off to visitors, and the last thing you want your website to do is to confuse your visitors.

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In this competitive internet market, having proper SEO will put you ahead of the pack. If your website does not have proper SEO your website will be lost in the shuffle. Whether it’s a loss of potential new clients, customers, or visitors, not having effective SEO will cost you. Contact us today at 213-984-4932 or email us to get started or for a free analysis.

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