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We can help your Shopify store get traffic from Google and Bing with our Shopify SEO services

Proper SEO is crucial to the success of your Shopify store. Don't waste time being lost in the shuffle

We have setup SEO on Shopify sites for the last 10+ years to help them place higher in Google search results. It is vital that your Shopify store has quality SEO on your homepage, all relevant pages, collections and products.

Where we focus

There are so many avenues to work with, but these are the big players to get traffic coming and sales going

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What we can do with SEO

We can provide just about every search engine optimization service you will need. We can setup the basic Shopify required SEO to major ongoing monthly SEO services.

Full site SEO

We can setup your entire Shopify site to be SEO compliant for proper crawling, keywords, in-linking, SERPs and ranking

Collections SEO

Meta titles, meta descriptions and custom SEO paragraphs with in-linking to get traffic moving in the right direction

Products SEO

Product title approaches, meta title, meta descriptions and custom SEO product descriptions for perfect placement

SEO paragraphs

Search engines like to have a lot of text to work with. We can create keyword focused SEO paragraphs for pages, collections, home and more

Local SEO

We can generate lots of local city sales traffic to your Shopify store and local brick & mortal location


We can use White Hat SEO methods and networking to help get powerful backlinks that will increase your rank and keyword authority

Content strategy

Getting organized before you begin with your site is VIP. Using blogs, pages, social media we can hone in your niche on keywords

Image SEO

Search engine image searches can work for getting sales, so having images optimized to be crawled is an awesome method of free organic traffic

Landing & hidden pages

Hidden collections pages, predefined search queries, hidden pages and products to acquire more free relevant traffic for searches

Registration & sitemaps

We can register your site with search engine, submit sitemaps, check for issues or setup specific global targets to place you in specific countries

SEO site audits

This is always a good place to start if you already have a Shopify site. We will look into all aspects of your current SEO, competitors and the overal search index to see what is needed

SEO Troubleshooting

Have SEO and not seeing results? We can investigate the issue and figure out a solution to solve the SEO stalemate with search engines

How it works

We will evaluate where you stand and make a plan wether you are thinking short term or long term. Onsite SEO usually takes under one month to complete depending on the number of pages, collections and products.

What about results? Depending on your domains authority in the search engines it can take months to see results so it is best to get started as soon as possible.

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SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is a system of using keywords that are relevant to your product or service in a specific combination and order to rank higher in Google. Search engine optimization is an essential element to any Shopify store. Without SEO your Shopify website has no chance of getting free/organic traffic; which is the ultimate goal for any online store. At Realm the SEO services we offer are; Shopify SEO strategy, in-linking, back-linking, SEO for products, SEO for collections, full site SEO, local SEO, creating landing pages, creating hidden pages, image SEO, registration and sitemaps, SEO paragraphs, SEO site audits and SEO troubleshooting. All the SEO services we provide will make you relevant to Google and increase your sales and traffic.

We can increase traffic to your Shopify store

Realm has earned a 5-star rating for providing the best Shopify expert services possible. We love helping our clients boost their traffic with good SEO. If you need Shopify services other than search engine optimization we also provide; store setup, custom app development, building stores, redesigning shops, theme customization, Shopify marketing, content writing, troubleshooting and expert guidance. Let us increase your traffic and sales with expert Shopify SEO. If you have any questions about our SEO services feel free to contact us. We're always happy to help.