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We have designed and setup countless Shopify stores over the last 10+ years. Let us create a Shopify setup that converts and makes sure you do not waste time. We can help you get where you want to be with Shopify and make sure you are setup for sales & success with every customer that shops with you.

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Finding a Shopify company or agency can be tough! That's why it's great you found us. Let our years of experience and Shopify expertise save time and money on your climb to success.

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Shopify Store Setup, Hire a Shopify expert, Shopify Website Design Services

Are you looking for a Shopify expert to build a Shopify store for you or your business? At Realm we've been building successful Shopify websites for over 10 years. We've built and redesigned websites for individuals, businesses and companies in every industry. From Shopify websites for small businesses and retail, to websites for jewelry and shoes, we've helped our clients increase sales and improve their customers shopping experience. We're happy to say that we've helped clients all over the USA. Realm has built successful Shopify store for companies and individuals in Los Angeles, California, Chicago, Illinois, Las Vegas, Nevada, Minneapolis, Minnesota, New York City, New York, Newark, New Jersey, Reno, Nevada, San Diego, California, San Francisco, California, Saint Paul, Minnesota. If you need to hire a Shopify expert, we are here to help.

Top rated Shopify web designer & custom Shopify theme developer

We've designed Shopify websites for beauty stores, makeup shops, skincare, spas, clothing stores, electronics stores, furniture stores, handcrafts shops, florists, jewelry stores, fitness and exercise equipment stores, services and more! You name it we've done it. That's what makes being a Shopify expert who builds websites fun! We get to help companies, businesses and individuals by designing aesthetically pleasing websites that represent our clients in the best possible light. If you need your current Shopify store redesigned, that's one of our specialties. The difference a Shopify store redesign can make is usually dramatic and immediate in terms of an increase of sales and sales conversions. So, whether you're new to Shopify and need a Shopify store built, or you have a store and are looking for a Shopify site redesign, we can help.

We do Shopify app installation & help installing Shopify apps

Installing a new app to your Shopify store isn't always as easy as they make it sound. Oftentimes installing an app can cause serious problems to your Shopify shop. Installing an app can also make your site look bad and require custom styling to match your branding. We've seen it happen time and time again, when a client installs apps on their own and their entire site crashes. We know it's tempting to install apps yourself, but sometimes it's best to let a Shopify expert handle app installation. With our experience we can guide you in choosing the right Shopify apps for your website. We've installed apps for all different kinds of functions and special features like: Shopify apps for custom products, Shopify apps for reviews, Shopify apps for customers, Shopify apps for wholesale stores, Shopify apps for increasing sales and more! Take advantage of our behind the scenes knowledge of apps and let us save you the time, money and the hassle of an app breaking your Shopify site.

We are Shopify store setup experts

We know that the search engines make it seem like setting up a Shopify store is a breeze, but there are many working parts that make a Shopify shop function properly and that's where we come in. We can help you with your shop's Shopify setting setup, Shopify theme installs, theme setup, domains, languages, setting up the proper shipping & taxes for your shop location, add sales channels, email notifications, policies, checkout and payment gateways and so much more! If you need a Shopify expert to help add collections, create products or add product photos we've got you covered there too. We provide all the Shopify setup services you need to get your Shopify store setup properly.

We do Shopify theme customization, store builds and theme redesigns

At Realm we understand how important your Shopify website is to you, your company, or your business. No one wants a cookie-cutter theme that looks just like your competitor's. We specialize in Shopify theme customization. This means that we can tweak, modify and beautify any Shopify theme to streamline and mold it into the perfect unique theme for your business. We can also build custom Shopify scripts, menus, cart notices, tracking setups, visual adjustments and add custom theme sections just to name a few. Does your theme need more than a few tweaks? Full creative Shopify theme modifications are our bread and butter. We can create mockups of your design and convert them into an amazing Shopify theme. As Shopify experts we know how to take an existing theme and modify it to function and look the way our client wants. By adding custom features and modifying a Shopify theme we can build you a website that will make your business stand out from all the rest.

We are Shopify search engine optimization experts

If you have an existing Shopify site chances are that you've heard of SEO before. If you're new to Shopify or e-commerce in general we'll explain a little about it. SEO stands for search engine optimization. This is a system of using keywords that are relevant to your product or service in a specific order and combination to rank higher in Google. SEO is an essential element to any website. Over the years even the biggest retailers have added SEO-rich text to their websites. We offer SEO services to all our client because it truly is the key to get Google's attention. Without SEO your website has virtually no chance of getting free/organic traffic; which is the ultimate goal for any Shopify shop. As Shopify SEO experts we can provide on-site search engine optimization, sitemaps, registration, external link building and a solid SEO content strategy. Some of these things sound pretty technical, but trust us, if you have a website, you need SEO. All the SEO services we provide will make you relevant to Google and increase your traffic and your sales.

We rock Shopify marketing agency, email, SEM, SMM & sales channels

Often times if a Shopify store is new or doesn't have proper SEO it won't have much traffic. We provide Shopify marketing services that will help get customers to your site and increase your revenue. With the right email marketing campaign, you can keep your customers interested in your products and services. Realm offers Shopify marketing services like Google shopping services, Amazon, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, email marketing, SMS marketing, installing effective marketing apps and sales channels. Our Shopify marketing will get your site out of the slump.

Effective Shopify content writing services for products, collections and pages

Need a professional writer to write content for your Shopify store? We have professional copywriters who are experienced in writing SEO-rich content, product descriptions and collection text. Having expert SEO content writing on your Shopify site will not only inform your customers or clients about your products and services, but it will also help your site rank higher in search engines, like Google. We believe that the writing and page text on a Shopify website is supposed to match the tone and feel of your overall website. Our expert content writers can provide you with product descriptions, page copy, collection text, company bios, press releases, blog posts and more. We've created original copy for websites that started with no text at all. If you need copy for your Shopify site you can count on us to deliver SEO-rich writing that will help your store rank in Google, sell your products and services and match the style and tone of your Shopify website.

We offer Shopify support troubleshooting & help

Having a problem with your Shopify site? With over a decade of Shopify experience we've seen it all. From slow load times, to Shopify sites crashing, bad apps, poor updates, 404's and many more serious issues. Even a simple app installation can break a site or slow the site and negatively affect sales and traffic. We can help you troubleshoot the issues you're having and give you a solution. Let us save you time and money with our troubleshooting services. With our expert Shopify troubleshooting we will help you solve the problems your shop is experiencing and get it up and running quickly.

Get Shopify expert guidance

At Realm we offer Shopify expert guidance. We have a vast knowledge base and over 10 years of experience working with Shopify. As experts, we aim to give you the best Shopify expert guidance we can. We can provide you with business strategy guidance, design guidance, marketing strategies, sales strategies, and brainstorm ways for your Shopify store to increase sales and sales conversions. Ensure that your Shopify store is doing all it can to succeed with our expert guidance.

Let’s get your Shopify store setup

Realm has 5-star rating for providing the best Shopify services possible. We love helping our clients succeed online. If you need your store setup, custom app development, a store built, a store redesigned, theme customization, Shopify SEO, marketing, content writing, troubleshooting or expert guidance, we can help take your Shopify site to the top! If you have any questions about our expert service feel free to contact us. We're always happy to help.