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From theme modifications, to full creative Shopify custom theme design & development, we build success!

You only have about 3 seconds to grab them... better make it amazing

When a customer lands on your site they will make a decision to stay within a few seconds. The things that impact why they leave are the look, the offering, the photos and the speed of the site. We love to create the perfect design for brands that speak to visitors and make them become loyal customers. Leverage our 10+ years of Shopify expertise to make your site design the best ever!

Our work

We create Shopify sites that grow the brand with proven design strategies to increase sales and repeat customers

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What we can do with themes

We can do everything from full creative custom themes with mockups, to small tweaks to make your theme pixel perfect

Full creative

We create mockups in Photoshop for the core pages and then modify a Shopify theme to create that visually amazing look

Theme mods

We can take boring common themes and do some modifications to make it look better, sell better and match your branding

Custom pages

Setup of custom pages for apps, functions, unique forms, pages, products, collections and more

Custom layouts

We can create custom sections, complex layouts for products and pages, all with theme customization controls to edit

Site speed

Shopify sites can be slow! We can speed up theme loading times, optimization of scripts, images, liquid, apps and more


Let us add in the ability to sell your products B2B and B2C with wholesale functionality, net30 and draft orders

App installs

We can help you find the best app for what you need, install it and make sure it is styled to match your site


Tracking is the key to knowing what's working and what's not. We can setup tracking funnels, google analytics and other tools

Custom functions

Let us setup custom logic for carts, collections, filters, trigger notices, customers groups, and tags rules

Increase sales

up to 30%

After most of our full creative redesigns with expert guidance, clients see a 15-20% increase in sales over the months that follow. Some clients have seen sales triple instantly! Your theme is one thing that can have the biggest impact on sales in the shortest amount of time.

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What we use to build themes

You don't need to know all these, but we sure do be qualified Shopify theme developers & designers

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At Realm we specialize in Shopify theme development. We understand how important your Shopify website is to you, your company, or your business. Having a Shopify store that looks exactly like your competitor's shop isn't going to make your brand or company shine. As expert Shopify theme developers, we can tweak, modify and beautify any Shopify theme to mold it into the perfect unique theme for you and your business. Some of the ways we can customize your Shopify theme are: building a custom header, custom footer pages, custom layouts, adding custom sections and pages, app installs, building custom landing pages, adding custom functions and more! 

We are experts in modifying or designing custom Shopify themes

To make your theme even more functional and user-friendly we can also build custom Shopify scripts, menus, cart notices, analytics, tracking setups, increase site speed and visual adjustments. If your Shopify theme needs more than a few changes, we offer full creative Shopify theme modifications. We can create mockups of your design and convert them into an amazing Shopify theme you can be proud of. We know how to take an existing theme and modify it to function and look the way our client wants. With theme modifications and by adding custom features, we can build you a website that will make your business stand out from all the rest.

Let us be your Shopify theme developers

We have earned a 5-star rating for providing the best Shopify services we can. At Realm, we love helping our clients succeed online. If you need Shopify services other than theme development we also provide; store setup, custom Shopify app development, building stores, redesigning shops, Shopify SEO, marketing, content writing, troubleshooting and expert guidance. If you have any questions about our custom theme development services feel free to contact us. We're always happy to help.